LMUD to Move Forward with Skedaddle Power Project


After a pause in the Skedaddle Project that aims to build a switch station and substation in partner with NV Energy, a move that would cease a relationship with PGE lines in the Caribou, LMUD has agreed to initiate reopening the project to communication with project leaders in last night’s board meeting. In an overwhelming positive response from board members as well as the public in attendance including several Susanville business owners, the common theme of the meeting was that reliability trumps economy. Ending the current partnership would allow LMUD to have a power supply out of high fire threat areas of the Feather River Canyon and place it in the Wendel area. This would secure a more reliable line for your energy source, meaning less outages due to wildfires, and safety shutoffs. The project is slated to span up to 3 years at a total cost of just over 51 million dollars according to Interim General Manager Pat Holley. Upon completion of the project your utility rates will see an increase, however to what extent is not known as of yet. Though within the city, current rates of 13.5 cents are well below the 19 cent average seen throughout the rest of the state of California.