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We are here to assist you, your club, your agency or other organization in the preparation and distribution of Public Service Announcements (PSAs). We have provided a simple form that can be filled out and submitted to us.

  • Include All Necessary Information: While this may seem like a simple thing, you would be surprised at the number of PSAs we receive which do not have a date for the event. They’ll say “tonight,” for example, but even if the PSA arrives via fax, we are uncertain of which night “tonight” Include who is invited to attend, the date and hours of the event, the place where it will be held, the type of event, why it is taking place and a contact number for both the public and the media. Keep it short.
  • Identify Yourself or Organization: You should always identify yourself or your organization clearly somewhere in your
  • Phonetic Pronunciations: Please include a phonetic pronunciation for easily confused proper names. Smith is Smith, but Smithe could be SMITH, SMYTH of Without a guide, you’ll either have a mispronounced name in your PSA when it’s read on the air. The proper way to show pronunciation is — Smithe (pron: SMYTH).
  • Release Date: Timing is A good rule of thumb is to send your PSA 10 days in advance. And, do not include more than one event in each PSA!
  • Cost of Broadcast: As a general rule, we are happy to broadcast, at no charge, meeting and event notices for civic and non-profit groups. However, if you purchase advertising in other media, we cannot air your announcements free of charge. (The truth is, if you pay to put an ad in the paper or elsewhere, don’t ask us then to run it free. We’re a business, )
  • Time of Broadcast: All PSAs are broadcast subject to time We cannot guarantee a PSA will be broadcast a specific number of times nor at any specific time.

A note to political committees and candidates: To ensure fairness to all candidates and avoid the appearance of favoritism, we do not provide free announcements of any sort for political campaigns. Please contact us for paid political advertising.

PSA Submission

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