Suspected DUI Driver Bites Quincy CHP Officer


A Quincy CHP officer is left with a bite wound after a woman was placed under arrest for leading CHP officers on a high speed chase while being suspected of being under the influence of alcohol. A concerned driver called to report a possibly drunk driver who drove through control flaggers near Rock Creek Dam in the Feather River Canyon, as well as being seen driving recklessly with near missed collisions. Officers were able to identify the vehicle by license plate and found the vehicle to be stolen out of Oroville. After locating the driver on the road CHP attempted to make a stop at the Spanish Creek Bridge when the woman driver ignored the officers and led them on a brief pursuit that ended when she drove off the road near butterfly valley road and overturned her car several times. She was placed under arrest for evading officers, reckless driving, possible DUI, and charges on the stolen vehicle. During her booking she lied about her identity and bit the officer. The woman’s name has not been released and the investigation remains open.