Susanville PD Cites Over a Dozen During Pedestrian Traffic Operation


The Susanville Police Department targeted drivers failing to yield to pedestrians and issued over a dozen tickets. Main street through Susanville has many crosswalks that allow people to get from one side to the other, most of which are found without any stops or signage other than the stripes on the road. Those walking often wait long before a driver notices them in time to stop or for traffic to clear. The police department recognized this and last Wednesday conducted a traffic enforcement operation. There was clearly an issue when officers cited 15 drivers and had to conduct 26 traffic stops. Officers were looking for speeding, distracted driving, and failure to yield to pedestrians. The department reminds you while driving through Main street to slow down and be aware of people looking to cross the road at the crosswalks and allow them to as they have the right of way.