Susanville City Council to Discuss Sales Tax Measure Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022


The Susanville City Council will be addressing the Sales Tax Ballot Measure this Wednesday. The city recently issued a survey to the community for your input on the proposed sales tax measure to be placed on the June Ballot this year. The survey was a brief multiple choice questionnaire that rated your desire for a sales tax as well as your opinion on the importance of public safety in the city as the fire and police department would potentially face cuts back if a solution is not found to resolve the city’s budget deficit within the next few years, as the sales tax is proposed to do. The council will also look at increasing the budget for the Little League fields to have improved security with the installation of cameras, as it frequently falls victim to theft and vandalism. Also a new Riverside trail project will be up for consideration. The meeting is this Wednesday, Feb 2nd with a start time of 5pm. You can also attend remotely through live stream found on the City of Susanville Administration Website and Facebook page.