Susanville City Council October 6th, 2021 Update


The Susanville City Council approves additional 20,000 dollars in a funds extension to continue in the design process to bring improvements to the South East Gateway Project. The project would beautify the entrance to the city. It would include landscaping, sidewalks, decorative street lights, benches, and trash bins to between the McDonalds intersection up to the Wal-Mart intersection. Work could begin by next year.


The City of Susanville purchases the Barry reservoir that runs along Skyline behind the fairgrounds for 600,000 dollars. The purchase is possible with monies from a restricted fund strictly from the water department as City Administrator Dan Newton shared. Those funds in the water department are generated from rate payers strictly for use within the water department. The purchase will not be coming from the General fund that the city currently is experiencing a deficit. Newton also shares the benefits of the reservoir purchase as a source for surface water storage from the towns two springs to reduce drought restrictions, fire prevention, as well as potential use for recreational activities including fishing and kayaking.


The City Council also approves the use of a payment plan for those who have accrued an outstanding balance during the utility moratorium. It ended September 30th and customers will be notifed of thier payment plan.

Bill payers with outstanding balances of 500 dollars or less with have payments stretched over one year.

Those over the 500 dollar amount may have payments stretched over a 24 month plan.

And commericial bill payers will have payments not to exceed more than 10% of thier monthly bill from over the last 12 months.

Currently the city has 108,000 dollars in outstanding utility bills.