Susanville City Council Moves to Adopt Cannabis Ordinance


A 3-1 decision to introduce the commercial cannabis ordinance and move forward with adopting it at the next city council brings the city of Susanville to the last step before businesses can begin to apply operate an indoor grow, dispensary, manufacturing or distribution warehouse. The City council and the people of Susanville in the audience heard a review of the ordinance from City Administrator Dan Newton. If finally adopted at the city council’s May 4th meeting there will be a 30 day period before the ordinance would go into effect, making commercial cannabis legal within city limits by the first week of June. City Planner Kelly Mumper designed the city’s ordinance map detailing the areas where the industry could set up shop throughout the city with the state regulations of 200 and 600 foot setbacks in regards to schools, libraries, and day care facilities, limiting much of the available areas to the east of Town, along Cypress and near the train depot, and some limited spots in uptown. Many there from Susanville opposed the ordinance calling for the city to let the ordiniance go to the public in a vote on the ballot and for more time to go into research on the impacts the industry could have on the city’s water and electricity. Susanville already issued a vote on the taxation of marijuana sales by the way of Measure M in 2018, where over 50% of the voters were in favor. Yet many argue that vote only signified the people’s desire to tax the industry but does not validate their desire for the industry to be within the city. The audience spoke in large numbers many echoing the same concerns, while others were in favor to progress the city and stabilize the economy. Councilman Quincy McCourt ended the discussion with challenging the people of Susanville to organize an effort to convince the council that the cannabis industry is not what the people of Susanville wish to have as part of its economy. The council will vote to adopt the ordinance on May 4th. The full ordinance can be found at under the recent city council agenda.