Susanville City Council Denies Repeal of Cannabis Ordinance


Susanville’s cannabis ordinance referendum task force took a hit last evening as the City Council asked the City Administrator to prepare it for the November ballot. The council was faced with two options last evening to either get rid of the ordinance by repealing it, which Councilmember Schuster and Brown both pushed for, or to let the people of Susanville vote on it during the November elections as Councilmen Hererra, Stafford, and Mayor McCourt wished to see happen. The council discussed several options in regards to what could happen if the ordinance was repealed, such as creating a new one with new guidelines for the cannabis industry, such as Herrera suggested, reducing the number of allowable activities to one distribution center then having that voted on, or to place a general question to city voters on the desire for cannabis activities within the city as was suggested by councilmember Schuster. Yet after a few comments from those who attended asking for it to be repealed and council discussion Mayor McCourt gave the final decision to have the city administrator bring the ordinance back for a council vote on the language that will be used during the November General elections. The city will have until August 12th to make that final decision in time to be placed on the ballot. The council will be holding its next meeting on Monday the 18th as fair week begins and their regular Wednesday meeting is in conflict. A time has yet to be determined.