Smoke Impacts Through Susanville and Indian Valley – PNF Starts Burn Project


Wildfire concerns are on many minds as the warmer weather approaches and any sign of smoke may alert you and your neighbors yet the Plumas National forest is warning the communities of Susanville, Indian Valley that smoke will be visible starting today near Lake Antelope. A three week pile burn operation by The Mount Hough Ranger District plans to start burning piles on about 1,000 acres near the Lake.
Visibility on roads in the project area may be reduced, if you travel these roads for recreation or for your home. The most impacts will be early in the morning and late evening as smoke settles. The burning will only take place on burn days established by the Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District. Also with extreme caution if weather conditions become unfavorable with typical increased or gusty winds in the area, burning will stop until the weather improves. The project is in efforts to reduce forest fuels as well as begin the next step of reforestation of the Moonlight burn scar.