McDonald’s Rooftop Vandalism


Susanville Police and Lassen County Sheriff’s deputies respond to two incidents at Main street fast food chains. 

Around 1 am on the morning of August 5th, a female employee was walking to her vehicle she was confronted by a man who had jumped from behind the dumpster in a black hoodie, black mask, and clothing. The man was brandishing a gun and demanding she hand over her things. She complied and gave the suspect her purse and set of keys. The man was able to flee heading towards Riverside drive from Alexander. Susanville police officers with the assistance of Lassen County Sheriff’s Deputies searched the area but were unable to locate the man. Burger King and local surveillance will be sued to help identify the man. The department is also asking for your help if you are within the area to view your home’s security camera footage for possible leads and identification. 

Following this response, only four hours later responded to reports of vandalism in progress at Mcdonald’s. Both Susanville police officers and Lassen county Deputies responded and heard loud banging from the restaurant’s roof. By ladder, they were able to observe broken PVC pipe and one drive-thru window, among other damages to the building. Officers shouted to the person on the rooftop to come down but received no response. Both officers and deputies made their way onto the rooftop to begin searching. They saw damage to ac units in which cinder blocks appeared to be used to create the damage. As they came upon one of the broken ac units they found the suspect, 61-year-old Christopher Herbert Craft hiding underneath. Craft was arrested for felony vandalism for damages exceeding 400 dollars, and misdemeanor trespassing. He is being held at the Lassen county Jail.