Lighter Council Meeting for the Susanville City Council- You Still Have an Opportunity to be Heard


After two heavy City Council meetings the Susanville City Council will have a rather light meeting this Wednesday. The council will be considering the purchase of three hangers at the Susanville Municipal Airport. The city has first right to the purchase of any hanger up for sale and three separate owners have listed their intent to sell. A total price tag of 80,000 dollars would go to the city if chosen to purchase all three hangers. One hanger, for 40,000 dollars is 1600sq ft and will have an anticipated return on investment between 17-18 years for its purchase. The council will also discuss signing a lease for a new postage machine within City Hall that will save the city about 1300 dollars a year. The meeting will begin at 5pm at City Hall this Wednesday. Full agenda can be found here.