BLM Plans Wild Horse and Burro Gather Outside of Susanville


BLM plans to gather 2000 wild horses and burros this Saturday. At the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area the gathering process will start to help maintain herd and habitat success. Out of 2000, 1800 wild horses are expected to be removed from the range, and over 300 burros. 110 mares will be treated with fertility control vaccine and released back onto the range. Emily Ryan, manager of the BLM Eagle Lake field office in Susanville said the goal is to establish and maintain healthy wild horses on healthy lands in balance with other authorized range users.” According to Ryan the herd size has greatly outgrown the appropriate population for the area, with 3300 currently roaming the range that can support up to just over 750. All captured horses will be transferred to the Litchfield wild horse and burro corrals near Susanville, in addition to other corrals in Nevada and Idaho where they will be placed for adoption, sale, or placed in leased Midwest pastures to retain their protected status.