Beware of Snow Dangers

With Governor Gavin Newson declaring a State of Emergency on Sierra and 12 other counties across the state, some are seeing the dangers the storms are bringing and the lives it’s taking.

This has been the first year for many to have to shovel their way out of intense snow coverage just to be able to leave their homes for supplies. The storm has affected areas all the way to San Bernandino, trapping homeowners without supplies, food, and heat.

In South Lake Tahoe and Meyers, a newly built home exploded and caught the home on fire because the snow was blocking ventilation for the home’s propane heater. Officials remind residents always to remove snow from the propane tanks and lines and to keep exhaust vents clear to help prevent these situations.

In Foresthill, A 80-year-old woman had her front porch collapsed, and when the firemen arrived, she was found deceased due to cardiac arrest.

Yosemite National Forest is closing its Park due to safety for tourists and workers. The snow impact has led to some rescues making it unsafe for sports.

A Goodwins and Sons Business building also collapsed in Crestline when too much snow impacted the roof.

Two travelers were found on the side of the road in Portland, Oregon, dead on arrival due to Hypothermia. The officials say if you plan to travel, make sure you pack warm blankets, survival gear, and food supplies for a week due to snow slides, road closures, or other unforeseen obstacles.

Closures on the 1-80 led to 7,000 commercial trucks being unable to transport goods.

Just outside of the Sierra Nevada area of California, an avalanche struck a 3-story apartment building Tuesday evening; thankfully, no one was hurt.

The climate prediction center indicates that the next two weeks’ outlook shows a high likelihood of more heavy snowfall across Northern California. The Winter advisory suggests you should prepare to stay in as much as possible, and stock up on supplies and have alternative heating sources.

Many feel these winter days are starting to feel something like out of the movie Groundhogs Day.