Winter Break Cold Snap Bursts Pipes at Local Schools

A cold snap around Winter break bursts two pipes at local schools, causing water damage. 

Just before students at Westwood Unified campus left for the two-week-long break for the holidays, the library flooded. The school’s Business administrator said that extremely cold temperatures froze a joint in the hot water supply line. That line ran through the ceiling, and upon bursting, water quickly flooded a reading resource room of the library used to supply classrooms with student books. Luckily there was someone in the building when the pipe burst allowing maintenance to shut off the water and prevent major damage quickly. Two classroom supplies of Shakespeare books were ruined, along with the ceiling tiles and flooring. The school has been inventorying the losses and submitting the damage costs for reimbursement through insurance. Yesterday for the first time, the room was back up and running. 

The same situation happened at Chester Elementary within the same time frame. A pipe burst in one of the school classrooms, now needing emergency approval by the district to complete the repairs. Principal Scott Cory said students had been continuing class time in another classroom until the repairs could be made. Some damage was sustained to the wall and flooring, but the situation could have been worse overall. Authorization to give emergency status to the repairs was made during the district’s board meeting last evening.  


Photo: Photo by Nadiia Ganzhyi on Unsplash