VP and AD of Quincy Jr. Sr. HS Cleared to Return to Campus

Quincy Senior Junior High school Athletic Director and Vice Principal Jason Hawkins will return to campus today after being placed on administrative leave pending investigations into his hiring and accusations of misconduct. The superintendent of schools, Bill Roderick, announced late yesterday that investigations had cleared his background and the high school’s hiring process of Hawkins. He was placed on leave in early September after an article from EdSource revealed a troubled history.

In 2018 Hawkins was under investigation at CSU San Jose for sexual misconduct and racial discrimination with players and staff, leading to questioning the circumstances of his hiring at the high school only months after he resigned before disciplinary action could be taken from the college. Questions as to whether a background check was performed at all led to Hawkins being placed on administrative leave. Yet as of yesterday, superintendent Roderick said an independent investigator hired by the Plumas Unified School District completed a thorough investigation finding nothing against the school or Hawkins.

In a statement submitted to Ed Source, Hawkins says he has “learned from past mistakes and is committed to not making the same mistakes again,” adding that he looked “forward to continuing to serve the amazing students and parents of Quincy Junior/Senior High School and working with its wonderful staff members.” When initially placed on leave, the AD and VP of Quincy Jr. Sr. HS received an outpouring of support from students, staff, and parents.