Susanville’s New Tax Increase Begins October


California’s Tax and Fee Administration released the New Sales Tax and Use Tax Rates going into effect by October 1st following June’s Elections. The City of Susanville is among three other cities statewide and eight counties to increase their sales tax, yet remains at the lowest margin. In June, the City asked for your vote to increase the sales tax by 1%, from 7.25% to 8.25%, to help the City’s delinquent general fund and maintain the current staffing of the police and fire departments. Both faced cuts as over 70% of the general fund supported both departments. With a significant deficit in the budget and to not continue into debt, the City was forced to consider losing positions. Within this fiscal year, the City will expect half of the 1.25 million in additional revenue, which will be discussed as part of the budget adoption during the next Council meeting. By October, you will see an increase of 10 cents to the sales tax on your receipt for every 10 dollars you spend at the stores.