Susanville Rent Costs Impacted by More Than Just the Pandemic


Susanville rent costs have been impacted by more than just the pandemic. Throughout the pandemic there has been a significant impact on rent. Being in a rural county that saw the pandemic reach its borders late at the onset of the outbreak still has not alleviated the rising costs. Across the nation the average cost of rent has increased by 5 in a half percent with some larger metropolitan areas being hit as hard as upwards of 14%. Yet, thankfully being in a rural town Susanville renters have only seen a medial increase to rent as one local realtor says. Not only are renters here facing the challenges of the pandemic, the impending closure of the CA correctional center has also had a major impact on the market. One local realtor also said there is a supply and demand problem because these factors leading to increased rent costs are all happening at once. Also contributing to increased costs, one local realtor says it’s because it is a seller’s market. Those that once held rental properties are selling to take advantage of the market. Yet on the flip side local homeowners are also turning their homes into rental properties because the opportunity is there, just not enough have. Internet searches in the area currently only show less than ten options for Susanville renters in a population of just over 10,000.