Susanville PD Warns of String of Car Thefts in Uptown


Lock your car doors, Susanville Police Department says there have been a string of opportunistic car thefts in the uptown area. These thefts occur when a burglar can easily access a vehicle as well as clearly see what of value is in the car. The Police Department reminds you to secure your vehicle and remove all belongings.


Message from Susanville Police Department:

City Residents,
The police department needs your help to prevent crime. This week, several vehicles in the North- Uptown Susanville area were broken into resulting in numerous stolen items. The common theme: these vehicles were left unlocked, the ignition fob/keys were left inside, and valuables were left in plain view.
It’s important to understand this rash of thefts are not a fluke or coincidence, they are crimes of opportunity. By not securing your vehicles and belongings, criminals will continue to victimize people in our community. To deter further auto thefts, I implore you to secure your vehicles and remove your personal belongings.