Susanville Passes Emergency Urgency Ordinance on Water Usage


Susanville passes an emergency Urgency Ordinance for water usage as the state rolls out water conservation guidelines amid a third year of drought. This ordinance holds more consequences to help you conserve your household water use more. Through code enforcement, the city will first cite a violation with a door posting, but if violated a second time, you could face a fine of up to 5oo dollars. Even numbered homes can water on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, odd-numbered homes can water on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. You are asked to restrict watering between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm. The city is being required by the state to see a water use reduction of 15% overall and to achieve this Bob Godman Public Works Director says homes will need to reduce their water use by 25%. This ordinance and the state requirements are viable for up to one year or until released. In regards to the failure of Susanville’s well #3 pump, the city has authorized Public Works to find contractors to assess if any repairs are needed. The well is currently back up and running, with no known cause as to the blip that caused the pump to stop early last week.