Susanville Mayor to Thank Migrant Workers with Banner

Susanville’s Mayor will use his discretionary funds to thank seasonal migrant workers with a banner. City council members are allotted up to 1,000 dollars each year to use for civic contributions, explains City Administrator Dan Newton. When a council member chooses to allocate these funds to a cause, they must receive support from the council. Mayor McCourt said he would like his monies to go towards the banner thanking the some 600 Sierra Cascade Nursery migrant workers who come to Susanville in the fall for harvest.

Though Councilmember Schuster asked what the sign would read, she hoped it would be more inclusive to all temporary or seasonal workers coming to Susanville. The Mayor responded although the city welcomes all people, he felt these workers play a significant role in contributing to the town’s economy by choosing to come here, for some returning each year for the past 15 years and spending a considerable amount of their paychecks at the local businesses. The banner would be meant to speak to them directly.

With a 4/5th approval, the banner will be located at the city’s entrance once a design has been determined.