Susanville City Council Expenditure Reduction Plan – Fire and Police Service Face Cuts


The City of Susanville’s financial standing is being decided upon at the next City Council meeting. Over the next three years budget projections show a major issue in the city’s general fund. This fund is the main operating monies from which is used to provide activities, programs, and services that are necessary to the community. Currently three quarters of that fund is used on Police and fire services. A three part expenditure reduction plan was drafted in September and has been in public comment since October 20th. Phase 1 and 2 of the expenditure reduction plan are already underway with service reduction, and eventual consolidation of services, one of which was to consider combining the fire chief and police chief positions into one public safety chief. If budget shortfalls do not get addressed by 2024 there will be cuts to the city’s fire and police services. You can view the full expenditure reduction plan draft at, and on November 17th at 5pm City Council will be discussing the adoption of this plan.