Susanville and SIR Partner on Economic Development


The city of Susanville and the Susanville Indian Rancheria join forces in a 50/50 business venture to bring economic development to the community. Together the city and Rancheria will develop a new position within the town that will solely focus on economic development projects and act as a liaison between stakeholders throughout the community.

The position, though not yet fully developed, would be the role of an Assistant City Administrator. The city determined through its efforts to bring economic development through creating an economic development plan and ad hoc committee, not enough progress was being made, and more staffing would be needed to implement these types of projects successfully. This new candidate, as discussed at the November 16th meeting of the city council, would have skills in real estate, annexation, and collaborative experience.

The goal would be to act as a liaison between community stakeholders to create a firm economic development plan with stakeholder involvement. SIR Tribal chairman shared during the council meeting that the Rancheria is excited to partner with the city and take advantage of working collaboratively versus separately to grow the community as both pull potential candidates for local job opportunities from the same pool, and combine resources will come to both their advantage. Mayor McCourt, with the council’s approval, gave the City Administrator direction to begin to move forward with creating a description and qualifications list for the new position of City Administrator Assistant, adding that the city is also excited to start this partnership and further the relationship the city has with the Rancheria.

The position will be returned to the council at a subsequent meeting for final approval.