Susanville Adopts Expenditure Reduction Plan


The Susanville City Council moves forward with adopting an expenditure reduction plan with a 4-1 vote. Mayor Mendy Schuster voted against the plan that outlines the loss of boots on the ground in both the fire and police departments if revenue is not increased by the next fiscal year, the mayor felt it should be a matter brought back to the council following the election to know which way the community felt. Councilman Thomas Herrera in an opposing view said there is no time to wait and unfortunately this is the point in which the city has brought itself. Although all council members echoed the same sentiment that this is not the ideal plan and no one wants to see those cuts happen. Dan Newton City Administrator, pointed out that this decision to adopt the plan will not be binding or permanent, the plan is a guidance tool to address the much needed recovery of the city’s general fund that this year will operate at a deficit of 511,000 dollars. Many moving parts are in the balance until enacted such as the potential passing of the City’s 1% sales tax increase measure that will be voted on this election round as well as the willingness of certain city employees to be reallocated and or take on additional roles to help the city’s standing. For now ARPA funds and the refinancing of the city’s CalPERS retirement has bought some extra time for the city.