Special Referee in City Lawsuit Against CDCR in Consideration, Again


Traveling Judge Moody issued a Minute Order on August 5th that intends to bring back the referee of the court, known as the Special Master in the City of Susanville V CDCR case. Harvey Leiderman was first considered to participate in the case to help the judge research as well as advise him on decisions. Yet after going to the third court of Appeals in a complaint by the state his appointment was canceled. Now Judge Moody says because there is “a question of fact…whether a party engaged in improper conduct in the legislative process” his services are needed.

Liederman’s role in addition to looking into the abuse of the legislative process, Liederman will also look into whether CDCR has moved forward with taking steps to close the prison while under the injunction referring to the possibility that CDCR participated in the writing of the Assembly Bill 200 trailer bill that closes CCC. The state has submitted an objection to Liederman’s appointment but on what grounds has not been stated on the superior Courts case filings.

A hearing on CDCR’s request for a renewed Demurrer and determination on separation of powers is set for August 26th at 9 am at the Lassen Superior Courthouse in Susanville.