Special Master to Oversee Susanville City’s Case Against CDCR for Closure of CCC


The court doors have just closed in the hearing for the consideration of a petition from the City of Susanville to show cause of contempt by CDCR of Judge Nareau’s preliminary injunction, halting all closure activities. Judge Robert Moody presided over today’s hearing. After his review of declarations from both the City and CDCR to show proof of their argument, Judge moody recognized that there were dueling declarations in stating inmate population numbers; the City stating a higher percentage of inmate loss and staffing shortage at CCC, versus the departments, stating less impactful numbers. CDCR’s lawyer Carol Boyd contributed their numbers to factors of a statewide staffing shortage as well as CCC staff having the Union back right to transfer. Judge Moody’s bottom line was the City of Susanville has not presented satisfactory proof of legal standard that there has been closure activity at CCC following the temporary restraining order. Judge Moody also stated both sides have legal legitimate rights that must be obtained as does the public, Lassen county citizens, and local businesses, and all should be protected from proceedings that do not follow the law. Moody pressed that further proceedings need to be fair in the eyes of the state and all of its citizens and the continuance of this case does not appear as a steamroll over a small rural community. A special Master of courts will be appointed going forward to oversee and assist in the supervising process to be an impartial party in the proceedings and instill faith that the law will be upheld. A court date of March 14th will be held to appoint the special master set for 10am.