Quincy Firewise Monthly Meeting

Quincy Firewise’s monthly meeting welcomes Quincy Volunteer Fire Department Chief as a guest speaker. Robbie Cassou, will address how you and Quincy can improve wildfire resilience and prepare for a catastrophic wildfire incident through his perspective and experience. He will also talk about the department’s responsibilities within the local, state, and federal responsibility areas. Quincy Firewise is a local volunteer group working to create a more fire-aware and fire-prepared community. Everyone is welcome to join the group every last Wednesday of the month from 5-6 p.m. the group meets at the West End Theater inside Quintopia. You can also benefit from attending as the group helps provide up-to-date information on home and property insurance, evacuation preparedness, home hardening tips, and home ignition zone design. You can also sign up for Peer-to-Peer Home Consultation to help your efforts in home hardening. This month’s meeting will take place tomorrow from 5 to 6pm at the West end Theater in Quincy.