Poisonous Weed Invading Susanville


A poisonous weed is invading Susanville. The Lassen Department of Agriculture is asking you to “Purge the Spurge”. Myrtle spurge is a fast growing invasive weed that is toxic when the sap of the plant touches you. You can also get poisoned if any part is ingested. The rapid spread of this plant has the Dept of Ag concerned as it reduces good forage for wildlife and livestock. It is not controlled by these two as both livestock and wildlife avoid eating the spurge so it is left to you to help remove and eradicate it if found. This toxic weed is quickly taking over in the city and surrounding areas. If you do remove it wear gloves, long sleeves, and use herbicides for the best results. If you suspect you have Myrtle Spurge in your yard, you can contact the Ag office at 251-8110, or email [email protected]