Plumas County Evacuation Order Update


08/06/2021 AT 11:00 AM
Effective immediately the Mandatory Evacuation Order for MEADOW VALLEY
has been reduced to a WARNING.
Residents may return home; however, need to be aware there will still be fire personnel
working in the area.
Remember the fire is still active within the burned area and you may see spots of smoke. Fire personnel
will still be actively working the interior and edges of the fire. Expect to see hotspots for some time. Do
not call 911 to report unless there is an immediate threat to life or property.
Please remember there is still a forest closure in effect for areas around Meadow Valley
Be vigilant to weather and wind conditions and take any future orders seriously, should they change.
While returning home and while fire personnel remain in the area use caution, reduce your speed,
drive with your headlights on and yield to emergency personnel.
Just because the flames are out doesn’t mean the danger is over. Damaged trees/terrain and flash
flooding are just some of the dangers that exist after a wildfire. DO NOT put yourself or your loved
ones in danger by exploring