Storm Outflows Blast Susanville with Wall of Dust


An eerie sight caused community concern as the appearance of smoke drifted into the city of Susanville last evening around 7 pm.  The unusual sudden event was a wall of dust coming off the dry Honey Lake as outflows from the thunderstorm cell over the Reno area blasted the dust into the air. The Reno National Weather Service issued a dust storm warning for the area through 9:30 last night. Visibility was down to 2 miles along US 395, 44, 139, and 36 for a period of time. The orange-brown glow of the sky and settling of the dust brought back fear from last year’s fire as the skies mimicked the ominous skies of that summer, but lacked the smell of smoke. Within a few hours, the dust dissipated and the skies cleared.