Notorious Dogs Terrorizing Susanville Ordered off the Streets

The dogs that have been causing fear and anger in the community of Susanville as they have been illegally allowed to roam the streets have been identified as Rufus and Holly.

The notorious duo are the habitual offenders roaming the streets and are accused of chasing and killing deer and other small animals, striking concern that they could soon turn on a child. Yet the community can begin to rest assured the vicious dogs will be off the streets. Susanville Code Enforcement officer Cody Loflin completed the public hearing against John Murray, the dogs’ owner, and cited that he violated nine city codes, including operating a kennel without a license and having multiple dogs unlicensed and unvaccinated for rabies.

Loflin offered 12 recommendations for the City council to approve ending the nuisance, allowing the Police Department to seize any dog owned by Murray that comes into violation. Another recommendation by Loflin, approved by the council, is that Murray is ordered to reduce the number of dogs on his property to zero. Murray has been accruing a 250 dollar fine each day since February. He must comply with all 12 council orders to avoid further consequences. He has the right to appeal but must go through the Lassen Superior Court judicial review.

The city council unanimously approved the orders, and the mayor will sign a nuisance of abatement. City hall broke out in applause and cheers at the approval.