New Food Truck Hub Helps Bring Greenville Out of the Ashes


A new food hub graces the once deserted downtown space in Greenville after the Dixie Fire nearly leveled the historic town. The corridor of the Crescent highway and Pine street has become a haven for a host of food trucks who have not let the obstacle of operating a business in the town that has spent the last year rebuilding and facing challenges like reliable water and electricity service stop them. Throughout the weekdays you can stop and enjoy a plethora of delectables from Valley Grind, Hawt Dog Stand, and Region Burger, with more to come on the horizon. The area has been deemed “The Spot” and with the help of the Indian Valley Rotary, Indian Head Properties, and the entrepreneurs the food truck venture is thriving helping Greenville to come back from the ashes.


First reported  on by Plumas News