New Food Truck Creates New Opportunity and Community Outreach for FRC Students


Kenvin Trutna, President and Superintendant of Feather River College, shares a new food truck will be joining in the community college campus. Yet its purpose is to not only feed the students but also to benefit their learning and outreach into the community. The truck was purchased with COVID relief funds and will have a main purpose of operating as a food source to serve students outside while practicing social distancing. Yet the truck could have plans beyond that to serve the community during emergencies. Trutna believed the student ran food truck will help students learn how to run and manage a small scale restaurant and how to price items as well as allowing them to respond to local emergencies such as serving firefighters and evacuees during wildfires. The food truck is searching for an appropriate name with the goal to incorporate their mascot the Golden Eagle. Suggestions are welcomed and a few names have already been thrown into the hat. A community grand opening is in the works, details will soon be announced.