Lost Sierra Route Gains Another 25 Miles Towards 600 Mile Goal


Last year saw significant progress on the Lost Sierra Route, a trail system to connect over 600 miles of trails through Lassen Plumas and sierra county in partnership with the Sierra Butte Trail Stewardship, US Forest Service, and various community partners. The efforts of nearly 600 volunteers constructed 25 miles of new trail.

In a project update, The Stewardship says 3.3 million dollars in grant funding and the arrival of an early spring aided in the successful year. Projects were completed in various regional locations, including Quincy, Portola, and Downieville.

A group of kids also assisted with projects across the three counties of Lassen Plumas and sierra. The youth group helped remove Downed trees, clear trails, construct supporting infrastructure and perform maintenance work. Volunteers were also able to complete ground-truthing on over 110 miles of the trail, which involves walking and surveying the proposed route to ensure it is in its optimal location, with nearly 70 of those miles being completed in Plumas county for the Indian Valley connections.

The stewardship expects to present a final version of the master plan to land managers this year, with the last completed trail debut scheduled by 2030.