Hometown Pride Begins Phase 1 of Susanville Clean-Up Project


Cleaning up the city of Susanville is a hot topic for many, often brought up during council meetings an talked about over social media, now is your opportunity to step in to help realize those aspirations. The Lassen County Chamber has created Hometown Pride, an effort to organize Community Clean Up Projects. A three phase plan is currently underway with Phase 1 happening this Saturday, May 21st. The group will be uptown pulling weeds, cleaning the sidewalks, and picking up trash and recycling. The goal is to complete this effort all through town down to the Ford Dealership. To maintain the cleanup efforts and reinforce the clean-up project the chamber will incorporate an adopt-a-block program. You or a business or organization can choose to adopt your own part of Susanville. If you are interested in volunteering or adopting a block you can give the Chamber office a call at 257-4323. You can also register as a volunteer on the Chambers website at LassenCountyChamber.com.