General Sales Tax to be on June Ballot for Susanville Voters


A general use sales tax, established as measure “Q”, will be on the June ballot for the Primary elections for the voters of Susanville. The city council unanimously agreed to proceed with presenting the measure at Wednesdays Council meeting. City Administrator Dan Newton shared the measure will be known as measure “Q” with an ordinance to have an oversight committee appointed by the council made up of community members. The measure also includes a  termination clause in which the Council can choose to end the collection of the additional one percent at any time. On the ballot you will be asked if you approve of a 1% increase to the current city sales tax to bring $1.75 million in extra revenue for the city to resolve the budget deficit of $250,000 annually and maintain public safety staffing levels. To pass the measure needs a simple majority of 50% plus 1. If passed the city will continue to maintain a lower sales tax than most surrounding areas at 8.25%.