Eight Candidates Qualify to Run in City Council Race


The city of Susanville will have a race for three city council seats come this June primary. Eight candidates have qualified as of the March 11th deadline.  Those who have thrown thier name into the hat to run include Mendy Schuster (incumant Mayor), Russ Brown, Curtis Bortle, Glen Yonan, Tony Ardito, Brian Moore (incumbant Mayor Pro Tem), James Merchant, and Thomas Herrera (Incumbant council member). Both seats for Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem are not elected positions, they are appointmented by the majority of the council. Those titles have the chance of going to another council member once each council seat has been sworn in and seated for the first time. This will be the first order of business of the new council. the primary elections are June 7th. To vote you must be registered by May 23rd. Ballots will begin to be mailed out by May 9th.