PUBLIC NOTICE 8/5/2021 9:30am

Mandatory Evacuation Orders remain in place for the following areas:

• The area south of Hwy 44 from the Lassen County line east to A21 including Silver Lake, Juniper Lake, and the Caribou Wilderness Area -Zone LAS-E031

• The unpopulated area south of Mountain Meadows Reservoir from Hamilton Branch waterway east to the Lassen/Plumas County line. Zone LAS-E019.

Evacuation Warnings remain in place for the following areas:

• Westwood and Pine Town area south of Hwy 36 from the Westwood Landfill Rd. east to Moonlight Ranch Rd. zone LAS-E023

• Clear Creek, south of Hwy 36 from the Lassen County line east to the Westwood Landfill “haul road”. Zone LAS-E020

The emergency alert zone map can be accessed at community.zonehaven.com
Type your address into the search bar to see the status of your area. Zones shaded in red are under evacuation order and zones shaded in yellow are under evacuation warning.

If we have to close roads to thru traffic, we will include that information alongside our evacuation notice. Even if a road is listed in an evacuation notice, people evacuating can access it for the purpose of leaving the area unless it is unsafe to do so.

Sometimes we evacuate “unpopulated” areas to keep people from accessing them for recreation purposes. These areas often have limited points of egress and limited cell service for notification purposes. The Sheriff’s Office along with US Forest Service personnel are able to access remote areas to make notifications using OHV’s.

Safety Message: Don’t wait until you’re being evacuated to make a plan. These are unprecedented times. It is every citizen’s duty to plan early and be prepared for the possibility that they may have to evacuate. If you will need assistance evacuating or have large animals to move, you should plan to leave when there is a warning issued. There are planning videos and checklists for yourself and your property available at www.readyforwildfire.org