City Pushes Back on AI Platform

An artificial intelligence management platform designed to connect local government to the people better was shot down by the Susanville City council.

Zencity, operating in a handful of counties around the country, was proposed during a September 21st meeting. It was initially presented to two council members who brought it to staff and council for consideration. The tool faced opposition from Councilmember Schuster, Brown, and Herrera, who spoke against utilizing the tool. Schuster stated the City of Susanville is a small town and does not need AI to tell the council what is happening in the city. Herrera second that he felt uneasy that the tool could access sensitive information though the overall idea of a platform like this could benefit the city down the road.

Zencity would have come to the city at an annual cost of 10,000 dollars, yet the platform was not accepted by unanimous consent.