City Pauses ARPA Fund Allocations Until New Postion Filled

The Susanville city council is asking for your thoughts on how ARPA funds should be spent. During the council’s December 21st meeting, City Administrator Dan Newton led a discussion on the projected spending of the remaining balance of the funds awarded to the city for COVID relief. That amount is a total of nearly 2.6 million dollars.

The city has proposed those funds go towards the professional development of city staff, economic development, including city marketing, and repairs to failing city infrastructures, such as a new roof for the police department and the Fire department’s HVAC system. Though Councilmember Schuster thought the funding should not be firmly decided upon at this point in time when the city has approved to work with the Susanville Indian Rancheria on developing and hiring an Economic Development Director position. All council members agreed, as did several community members in attendance. The council decided that while the city waits to hire that specialist, within a reasonable timeframe of up to 6 months, the council will look towards holding a community workshop to hear your ideas on how the funds could best be spent to improve the city and boost the local economy.

Dates of the workshop will be announced in the New Year, with the first likely to be held in January.