City Council Meets this Evening to Discuss Expenditure Reduction Plan


The Susanville City Council meets this evening to discuss the city’s budget. With the increased sales tax measure passing with a majority vote in the Primary Election, the council will need to be advised on how the extra revenue in the estimated amount of 1.75 million dollars will be factored into the expenditure reduction plan that was approved in April. Where a phase in the plan accounted for a loss of boots on the ground in the fire and police departments as these departments absorb over 70% of the general fund. Additionally Bob Godman, Public works director will also be reporting on a list of street maintenance, repair, and improvement projects that must be submitted to the state for funding under SB 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act, by July 1. The city will need to match the state funding from the General Fund in the amount of over 160 thousand dollars as required by the state RMR Act. The council meets at 5 pm at City Hall.