Cannabis Petition Successful – Signatures Verified by City Clerk

Signatures for the Susanville cannabis referendum petition have been deemed sufficient by the city clerk. The city council first approved the new cannabis ordinance to allow commercial sales, distribution, and manufacturing of marijuana within the city limits in the industrialized zones in April and was officially adopted on May 4th. That’s when a concerned group within Susanville began to collect signatures to repeal the ordinance, needing over 500 signatures. The result would have the council move to repeal the ordinance, and if chosen not to the ordinance will be voted on during the November general elections. The group was able to gather over 1000 signatures; where the city clerk verified nearly 700 and found 100 to be insufficient including 10 duplicates. The petition was successful and received about 150 signatures over the needed amount which equates to 10% of the over 5,000 registered voters within the city. During tomorrow’s city council meeting the council will begin discussions on moving forward with the ordinance with the petition in hand. The council meets this Wednesday at 5 pm at City Hall.