Portola Awards Bid to Begin North Loop Project


The North Loop project may be underway following this week’s Portola City council Meeting. The project involves the reconstruction of Joy Way from West street east to Beckwith Street. Construction will also include new asphalt concrete, the building of curbs and gutters for a sidewalk with ADA ramps, and a bicycle lane. On August 24th, The council will look to award the lowest bidder for phase one of the project to Q&D Construction for the amount of 2.2 million dollars. The city was allocated up to 3.3 million by the CTC in March 2022 for the project. The bid will need to be awarded by September 16 and the city will have until March of 2025 to complete the project before reimbursements of the funds from the CTC are gone. Work on the North Loop project will not begin until next year, after an 8-year wait. The council meets this Wednesday at 6 pm. You can attend the meeting virtually by visiting cityofportola.com