Susanville Updates Fireworks Code


As firework booths begin to pop up in local store parking lots for the 4th of July holiday, the city’s firework municipal code states that you can only light your safe n’ sane sparklers, roman candles, and the like on the 4th of July holiday itself, from 6 am to midnight. No other time around that are they allowed. All aerial fireworks are not considered safe n’ sane and illegal. The city ordinance has just recently been updated to include any person involved in illegal fireworks be it on your property or caught setting them off will be fined, with costs starting at $1,500. Susanville Fire Assistant Chief Hernandez shares a few tips on how you can enjoy your safe n’ sane fireworks this holiday by reminding you to not light off fireworks in an open field of vegetation, never light a firework that has a shortened fuse, and have a bucket of water handy to extinguish all used fireworks. The 4th of July will fall on a Monday this year.