Susanville Adopt-A-River Trail Program Looks for Volunteers


You can now adopt a portion of the Susan River Trail. The city of Susanville has launches the Adopt-a-River trail Program in which you or your family, business, or organization can help maintain section of the trail. It has been divided into 21 sections, 100 yards in walking length. Your commitment would be for two years where every two months you would pick up trash, report hazardous waste, and upkeep the portion you adopt. The city will provide you with safety vests, trash bags, gloves, and trash collection pick-up and hazardous waste disposal prior to your clean-up days. You’ll also get a metal sign with your groups name or logo if you own a business located within your section. The effort has been set into place as part of the city’s priority to improve the river trail. For more information on the program you can visit the city’s parks and facility webpage or call Jolene Arredondo at 252-5106.