2020 Quincy Murder Suspect Remains Unfit for Trial, DA in Process of Conservatorship

A murder trial remains out of the courts as the woman accused of committing the crime in 2020 continues to be deemed incompetent to stand trial. Plumas District Attorney David Hollister provided the case update saying the woman is in the process of being placed in a conservatorship involuntarily and indefinitely.

On September 16, 2020, at age 25, the Quincy woman Zora Holt was arrested in East Quincy when she alleged to have attacked and stabbed 32-year-old Quincy man Cyrus Seely, an acquaintance of hers. It was known that Holt had mental illness and was known to the County’s criminal justice and behavioral health systems.

Following her arrest and charge of murder, Holt, on September 28, 2020, was found incompetent to stand trial and referred to the California Department of State Hospitals to restore her competency to stand trial.

Nearly two years later, the Department of State Hospitals requested the return of Holt to Plumas County as they believed it was unlikely that she would regain competency. The Plumas County Superior Court also made this finding on October 7, 2022, which ordered Plumas County to initiate conservatorship proceedings for Holt.

Where she will be housed for her crime will be determined in subsequent court proceedings.