Governor Newsom Tells President Wait-and-See Federal Wildfire Management is not Viable


As Wildfires continue to rage and devastate our homes and forests the Biden administration met with Governor Newsom along with other state governors across the nation to discuss the impacts and the state’s needs in regards to wildfire management. Newsom went on the discuss the administrations need to address the fuel shortages as it impacts our aerial fire support efforts, the need for more personnel and the extreme demand there is for them, as well as more access to federal infrared early detection technology that is in high competition. Newsom closed with a plead for a cultural change in how federal lands manage wildfire suppression. Urging the president that a “wait-and-see” approach is simply not a viable solution in the extreme heat and low humidity levels CA is seeing. President Biden responded with a promise to follow up with the Governor and to address each of the state’s needs.