Winter Grooming Begins on the LNF


The Hat Creek Ranger District on the Lassen National Forest will begin grooming trails as the recent winter storms brought feet of snow to the region. The district will begin grooming the Ashpan Snowmobile Trail System that runs just off Highway 44 north of Highway 44 and 89 junction at the northwest entrance to Lassen Volcanic National Park. Ashpan is made up of 35 miles of designated trails.

The FS reminds you that certain roads and trails have also been closed due to the winter season and will no longer be accessible by motor vehicles. If you come across a road blocked by a snow berm, that trail is not to be traveled on, except for Over Snow Vehicles. When headed out, know before you go. Check the weather for your destination and understand your route’s road conditions, chain controls, and potential road closures. Don’t trust GPS alternative routes around closures, as travel apps and related online map services may not be updated to reflect current situations, and you may end up lost or stuck. Plan & Prepare – Check your tire tread and pressure; top off windshield fluid; and carry tire chains, an ice scraper, an extra blanket, and food in your car if you become stuck or stranded on the roadside.

No precipitation is in the forecast for the next several days, yet overnight temperatures will drop to single digits and even lower in higher elevations.