Two New Court Dates Scheduled in CCC Case


The fight for the California Correctional Center, CCC, to remain open continues. CDCR in a court hearing Monday opposed the latest recommendation from traveling judge Moody to appoint a special master of courts. Moody sought to bring in this special master as he said there are no “stand alone legal issues” in the case but rather “deeper issues of factual situations” that have led for him to seek assistance from a special master, the equivalent of a court referee. It has been proposed to appoint Harvey Leiderman who currently serves a fiduciary, investment, and litigation council to some of the largest public pension funds in California. Yet because of the many unresolved issues in the case his appointment remains open. The state attorney’s are additionally seeking dismissal of the city’s case against CDCR. Yet Moody suggested that plea is premature and could also take some time. A separate court hearing will be held to hear that plea. The next step in the fight will be a second court hearing to decide whether or not Mr. Leiderman will be appointed as Special Master despite the state’s objection. That will be held April 1st at 10:00 AM by zoom. The hearing for the Demurrer plea will be May 6th at 10:00 am by zoom as well.