Two New Concourses for Reno Airport

If you plan on traveling out of the RenoTahoe International Airport over these upcoming warm Holidays, expect some changes and disruptions in your routine from the new projects. Reno-Tahoe International Airport has approved a half-billion-dollar plan to build two new concourses that have already broken ground.

The 500 million dollar plan will expand the ticket lobby and inner road lanes and implement a new consolidated rental car facility under Conrac and Ground transportation center. “The Gateway to Reno- Tahoe is being reimagined and rebuilt for the next century.”, states Board Chairman Adam Kramer. He also says, “We are making the first and last impression on travelers better than it’s ever been.”

The new concourses are part of the MoreRNO project, a multi-phase initiative involving various infrastructure at the airport, such as new roadwork, remodeled lobbies, and a new consolidated rental car facility. The ticket hall will have new windows that look different from the doors, hopefully leading to fewer accidents. The expansion will include upgrading aging infrastructure, lobby expansion out to use the existing 30-foot curb, and ceilings raised for a more modern and open feel. More self-serve kiosks will help lessen the waiting time for congested and busy baggage check-in and ticket-printing periods. The three inner lanes will be changed by adding entirely new concrete lanes. If dropping off passengers or picking up, know the lanes have closed in certain areas and are limited in this area, and the entrance for the ticket lobby has also changed for now. This 32-million-dollar portion of the project will be completed by the end of 2023.

With the new demand in how we live, the airport is looking at upgrades to a new four-story insulated covered structure that will be a rental car facility and ground transportation center—allowing the airport to have the parking lot back for its public parking. It will serve as a taxi and ridesharing service such as Uber and Lyft and will be 600 feet from the baggage claim. It will not have a service desk; however, it relies on customers using apps and smartphones for these services. Solar panels are to be added on top to conserve excess energy collected. The airport will also be the first garage to have a 100% electric rental car fleet, wired for different charging levels, and accommodate self-driving cars. O her changes to come are charging exports to seating and more restaurants and shops closer to terminals. T is a 200 million-dollar project set in July and is expected to wrap up By December 2025.

The airport also has broke ground with Stellar Aviation, which will be carried out in three phases. The fixed-base operator is a commercial business granted by the airport. I will serve Commerical and General Aviation and have hanger spaces and fueling services. The new facility will provide over 100 new jobs, not including the jobs from construction.