Reno NWS Issues Flood Watch


Due to a warm atmospheric river carrying 300% more moisture than usual for a late winter storm, the snowpack is melting, causing the Reno NWS to issue a flood warning for low-lying streams and rivers. This excessive run-off may cause flooding in areas where river levels rise above the flood stage mark due to snow build-up blocking drainage outlets. Areas with heavy snowpacks may also be impacted since the snow can only absorb so much rain.
Although the Susan river is currently 8 feet below the minor flood stage marked at 12 feet, it is predicted to peak at 8ft by Saturday. However, as conditions change, the peak river levels may be pushed higher as the storm approaches. The Middle fork of the Feather River near Portola is also expected to peak below the flood monitor stage by Saturday.

To monitor the stream and river levels near your home, visit the National Weather Service hydrology page, with links on their website.

Live link to monitor:

Susan River levels

Middle fork of the Feather River

The hamilton branch Fire Protection District has informed us that limited sandbags are available at the station. However, they cannot make more as the sand pile is buried under snow.